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Hardwood Floor Buffing

New Hard wood floors have that shiny and polished look that adds elegance to any home. Unfortunately, the shine starts to fade away over time.

What’s worse is, it will be replaced with dirt, dullness and scratches and all you will be left behind are just memories of your once beautiful floor.


Wood Floor and Beyond is here to put a stop to the aging process of your floors.

We offer wood floor buffing services that will most definitely bring back shine and breathe new life to your old hardwood floors. We believe that wood floor buffing is an important aspect of wood floor maintenance and we work hard to give you the best wood floor buffing services possible.

Quality floor buffing you can trust

The first thing that we will do is to carefully remove any furniture or item that may get in our way. After that, we will remove any wax that have been left behind from previous floor polishing jobs. Afterwards, we will extensively clean your floor to make sure that the polish that we will apply will be completely absorbed by your wooden floor. Lastly, we will buff your hardwood floors to restore its new shine, get rid of scratches and bring it back to life.

We take pride in delivering hardwood floor buffing services using the best floor wax products in the industry. Our floor experts will make sure that each and every corner of your floor will be buffed and restored to its original shine and look.

With the hardwood floor buffing services that we provide, you will never ever have to settle with old, dirty and scratched wooden flooring ever again.

With our help, you can enjoy the look of a brand new floor without incurring the costs of floor replacement. Call us now and enjoy a no obligation, completely free on-site estimate!

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