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Hardwood Flooring Queens NY

Wood Floor and Beyond is a locally owned, integrity based flooring company which delivers quality services to residential and commercial establishments in the Queens County, NY.

We have been satisfying the flooring needs of people in this region for over a few decades already and through our long years in the industry, we have already proven why we continue to be the top flooring company in the Queens area. It is our never ending passion for flooring and genuine concern to our clients that create regular customers out of our first time clients.

We take pride in being a one-stop flooring service company and we work hard to provide you all the flooring services you will ever need. From installation to maintenance to repair—we offer it all.

We can help you move into your new home with ease with our efficient and timely installation services. We also help to make your home look always clean and brand new with our hardwood flooring maintenance services. And even during tough times, we are here to help you fix any wood flooring problems you may encounter.

From the start up to the end, Wood Floor and Beyond will always be by your side.

One thing that Wood Floor and Beyond can promise is that we can provide hardwood flooring services in the most efficient and convenient way possible. As a licensed and insured flooring company, you can expect that our flooring professional will take good care of your property.

With their extensive knowledge and skills in the art of flooring repair, sanding and refinishing and installation, they can be able to guide you during the floor selection process, educate you on proper wood flooring maintenance and provide you tried and tested floor repair methods. All of our staff undergo regular training and workshop so they can further update their flooring knowledge.

Wood Floor and Beyond prioritizes quality above all and we can assure you that we will provide you nothing but the best. Call us now so you can avail of our free, no-commitment estimate anywhere in Queens, New York!

phone (718) 218 4485